13-Jul-2018 08:06

CPI stands with Nepalese people in every political changes : CPI Leader Anjaan

Raju Lama/New Delhi. Secretary of Communist Party of India Atul Kumar Anjaan says CPI stands with Nepal and Nepalese people in every political movement and changes from historical time.

Anjaan urged CPI even helped Nepalese to open communist party of Nepal at India during Rana regime before 70 years.

He says not only CPI India and Indian people also gives full support to end Autocratic Rana and Shah regime in Nepal. "Now Nepal is turned into Federal Democratic Republican country and CPI is happy and want to congrats all political forces of Nepal to bring this political system," Anjaan said.

He also says from Puspalal Shrestha's period till present Prime Minister of Nepal K P Oli CPI has nice relation with communist forces and parties of Nepal. Puspalal was founder General Secretary of Communist Party of Nepal. During Rana regime Puspalal had founded Communist Party of Nepal at 1948 at India. Anjaan also expressed that unification of two largest communist parties of Nepal is big achievement in communist movement globally against feudalism and imperialism. Anjaan one of the effective and dynamic leader of Communist Party of India also gives thanks to nepalese people for support communist forces in Nepal.

He also claimed that India is only a country in world that CPI had ruled more than 30 years in some states of India within democratic procedure by taking mandates of Indian people. He says now in India Communist Party is governing only one state eventhough CPI is top political parties of India among five parties. He also says that in India CPI will make soon central and several federal government in future.

13-Jul-2018 08:06

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